Picking bananas in the living room

I don’t much like fooling people on April Fool’s Day, but I do like the levity it inspires. Here’s a great compromise, passed on by my mother.

It’s an interview from the Colbert Report with Michael Reynolds, the inventor of the “Earthship” concept. Earthships are homes built into the land out of “garbage” materials like tires and bottles. Maggie and I visited an Earthship when we visited my grandparents in New Mexico and they did indeed have a banana tree in the living room.

We also visited a more local Earthship and it was amazing how different it looked even though it was built from similar materials. The challenges you face in New Mexico (altitude, dry heat, snow) are pretty different from those you see in the Midwest (rain, snow, and more rain), so the house had changed even though the principles were the same.

It’s a cool concept and Mike Reynolds is an interesting guy, so it’s worth watching. Enjoy!

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Green Video Challenge (Revisited)

Student Doc Green loglStudent Doc Green was finally able to post her green living video and I must say, I think it’s better than ours.  She’s doing an awesome job figuring out how to make big changes with small steps in the Lone Star state where people think she’s crazy for bringing her own bags to the grocery store.  It reminds me of how lucky I am to have so much support from my community and my family.  It seems like folks in Bloomington are always talking about green living and I’ve heard about the environmental movement all my life.  I’m not sure I would have taken the initiative by myself the way she has.  And I must admit, some of her “small” steps seem pretty challenging to me.  I may have to give up processed foods for a week this summer just to prove to myself I can do it, if I can.

Thanks, Student Doc Green, for keeping us inspired.

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It’s Pretty Easy Being Green – Video Post

Here is our video post in response to a challenge from Student Doctor Green.  It’s about 3 minutes long and gives an intimate view of our life at home living the green life.  It was fun to make although very time-consuming especially with Will trying to live up to the high standards he required as a video editing teaching assistance.  We hope this video won’t make his professors cry.

Got a topic you’d like to see a video clip about?  Let us know! I’m hoping to capture the baby lambs this April at our friend’s chicken and sheep farm.  Stay tuned.

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Green Video Challenge

Video CameraStudent Doctor Green has challenged us to make a short video clip about green living and we’re scrambling a bit to think of something good. It reminds me of a story in The Tightwad Gazette. The author said that there were a few years in the early 90’s when she was plagued with journalists wanting to cover her family’s tightwad lifestyle. Almost every one asked that she hang laundry to dry in the attic so they could take pictures. It was the only tightwad technique that they found visually interesting.

She suggested them taking pictures of her family NOT buying expensive packaged foods at the grocery and NOT stopping to eat at the restaurant but the photographers just sighed and tried to explain that you can’t take pictures of people NOT doing things.

Anyway, I think we have a good idea for our first video entry but if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them. We’re thinking this could be a fun new addition to the site, although probably not more than once a month unless it takes a lot less time than I’m picturing.  There are also some green video challenges floating around the internet, like the one through Juntoventure with a bunch of prizes, although it kinda looks like you have to be from California to enter?  I find their site confusing and it’s a little worrisome that they had to extend their deadline an extra two months because they didn’t get enough submissions.

Will used to teach a class at IU about making documentaries so I’m hoping he can pull together something a little more impressive than the wholly incomprehensible home videos my brother and I used to make. Although I should try to find some of that old footage. I’m sure there are a few treasures in amongst the hours of videotaping out the car window on road trips.

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