I just found out I’m a green goddess

I was interviewed for a podcast on WFIU a few weeks ago and just stumbled across it on the web.  I was tickled to hear myself described as a “green goddess of local food.”  It was a great plug for the Local Growers Guild  but a bit disappointing that they managed to get a few things wrong.  I have very little luck with journalists – they can’t seem to get things quite right!!  (In this case, it was a pretty flattering mistake; they gave our four-year-old organization credit for creating the thirty-year-old farmers’ market in Bloomington.  Pretty impressive, eh?)

Anyway, thought you might enjoy a little snippet from the local food scene in Bloomington.  There are also a few pictures and for the truly brave, the full 10-minute interview rather than the polished shortened version.

WFIU Earth Eats – Maggie Sullivan of the Local Growers Guild

Actually, last week I was pictured and interviewed in the local newspaper so maybe I should include a link to that one as well except that our local paper is very protective and doesn’t want people to see its precious content…  I think you can look at the webchat I did, if you’re interested.  I supplied all the content so I can’t complain about any errors.  🙂

Herald Time Live Chat – Maggie Sullivan of the Local Growers Guild

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No podcast

Last week, we recorded our podcast in the living room because it was easier to keep an eye on the puppies. Unfortunately, the mic that we use (a tiny thing that plugs into my laptop) got lost in the shuffle. We’ll work something out for next week, but that means no podcast this week!

Instead, I recommend that you check out arduous’ posts on feminisim, environmentalism, and gender roles: part 1, part 2, and part 3.

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Podcast: Resolutions and Presidents

In this podcast, Maggie and I talk about how to make New Year’s resolutions work. We also talk about some of our favorite Presidents.

The “guy with the shovel” that we mention is actually this guy and his sweater-wrapped sledgehammer. It’s a cool example of de-commercializing an arena that’s been taken over by business (exercise).

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I spent yesterday sick.

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updates in haiku form


Foster dog Kelly
Found a new permanent home
We’re happy but sad.

It’s getting quite cold
We’re ready to freeze our buns
Well, at least a bit.

We caught a brown mouse
He was quite adorable
But we let him go.

Sorry no podcast
We will be back with more soon
Plus cool sound effects.

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Podcast: 5 green business ideas

Today, Maggie and I discuss the feasibility of 5 of her top 10 green business ideas.

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Podcast 2: Black Friday, gift wrapping, and traditions

Today, Maggie and I talk about Black Friday, green options for gift wrapping, and creating new traditions.

Buy Nothing Day, which we mention in the podcast, is run by Adbusters, a magazine focused on reducing consumerism.

This podcast is about 12 minutes long, which is twice as long as last week’s. Maggie and I aren’t sure what the best length is, so we’re hoping you’ll listen in and let us know what you like best. We look forward to your comments!

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November surprise

 We’re trying our hands at podcasting! It’s short because I wasn’t sure how long it would take to edit and post, but now I think we’ve got it under control. Let us know how it works!

Here’s our tagging by Greeen Sheep, as mentioned in the podcast.

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