This blog is about a young couple learning to live well together. What does it mean to live well?

We want to find success without getting caught up in the never-ending quest for more money. We want to find happiness in all the ways that money can’t buy. We want to live in a way that protects our natural environment and our species without feeling mired in guilt and powerless in the face of global disaster. We want to lead by example, to be models in our community. We want to be honest, helpful, useful, good people.

There are a lot of blogs out there with articles about green living but many of them seem overwhelming (stop driving your car or the baby seals will all die!) or impractical (buy a $500,000 solar system to power your home guilt-free!) We want to offer our story of two relatively average people just doing what they can to live well as a couple.

Who are we? We are a married couple plus a baby living in Bloomington, Indiana.

Maggie has a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Purdue University. She currently is a stay-at-home-mom learning to navigate mommyhood. Her many sustainability-oriented gigs have included board president of the Center for Sustainable Living, member of the Bloomington long-term planning committee, environmental educator with Sycamore Land Trust, manager of the Local Growers Guild, and staff member at Bloomingfoods Cooperative Grocery. She is very interested in sustainable living and has devoured many books, attended many workshops, and spent a beautiful summer in Oregon studying permaculture and eco-village design at Lost Valley Educational Center.

Will has Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from North Carolina State University and a Masters in Immersive Mediated Environments from Indiana University. He works for Studio Cypher (www.studiocypher.com), a game development company he started with several of his grad school friends, and also recently started teaching game design classes at Indiana University. He is interested in doing the research to find the best ways to live sustainably.

To get to know us further, check out our articles! Some of our favorites are: Would Beowulf shop at Goodwill?, Natural building with slipstraw, Greased lightning: driving on vegetable oil, and Running the numbers on dishwashing. We hope to see you on the comments page soon!