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Open House Feb 26th

house_portrait01We’re having an open house! 

608 W. Guy Avenue Bloomington, IN
Sunday, February 26th, 2:00-4:00PM

We are hoping it will be sunny enough to demonstrate our solar furnace (that big black box shown behind us).  For a sneak preview, check out our post about how it works and our more recent post about our experience so far.  We have enjoyed the extra heat a lot and think it is a very neat form of solar technology.  I’m afraid our pup won’t be joining us; she’ll spend the afternoon with a friend so she doesn’t get overly stimulated by NEW PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE OH MY GOODNESS.  And hopefully between now and then we will give the inside of the house a nice scrubbing plus have time to bake some cookies!  No promises about the yard, though.

Please RSVP by sending a note to us at maggie at  Thanks!

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Winter Laundry – Will It Dry?

snowy_laundryDuring the Energy Challenge, we discovered that our dryer is a major electricity hog (as pretty much all heat-generating electrical appliances are).  In warm, sunny weather it was pretty easy for me to get motivated to use our clothesline but I’ve found it more challenging during the winter months.  I also wasn’t sure if laundry would actually dry in sub-freezing temperatures, so I decided to do some test runs.

First test (shown in picture) – inconclusive.  Approximately 5 minutes after I hung my laundry to dry, clouds rolled in and proceeded to dump snow on my clean clothes.  I brought them inside and hung them on our indoor clothesline, where they dried after about 36 hours.

Second test – success.  It was very sunny and temperatures were hovering right around freezing so I’m still not totally sure how it would go on a really cold day.  It has been a weirdly warm winter and we haven’t had many super cold days.  Today, in fact, it was about 65 degrees out, which is just wrong for February.  The poor daffodils are sending up shoots and buds, which I have no doubt will be frozen off in another week or two when our “normal” weather resumes.  With a little luck, there will be a sunny day in the teens when I can get a definitive answer to my laundry question – will it dry?

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