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Trashion Dress from 2009 UMM Fashion ShowI’m on the board for a local group called the Center for Sustainable Living and a few folks from the center are organizing the first ever Trashion/Refashion Show in Bloomington, to be held on February 20th.  The concept is straightforward – anyone can design and submit and outfit that is either made of stuff that would otherwise be thrown away (trashion) or old clothes remade into something new (refashion).  There are some folks from the IU design department involved but I expect a lot of the entrants to be just regular Janes and Joes with a bit of flair.

I am not sure that I qualify, having both dubious fashion sense and a lack of sewing skills.  I am also realistic enough to know that I have missed the boat for having anything resembling an outfit complete by January 1st (which is the deadline).  However, people are also invited to submit single items that will be sold in a silent auction.  There, I think I might be able to pull something off.  In fact, my father (of all people) came up with the brilliant idea of converting old ties into new suspenders.  There is someone on etsy who is doing it but I think it’s a great concept.  Executives who are about to retire could mail in their favorite (or least favorite) ties and have them converted into a useful keepsake.

One of my co-workers is planning to take some of our old seed packets and convert them into a skirt or vest or hat or something so I could try to help her out.  Ooh, maybe what I need to do is convert some of our old holey socks into dog clothing, since the dog does seem to love old socks and she has been shivering in the cold.

Have any brilliant ideas to share? this!

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    ann said,

    February 18, 2010 @ 2:24 pm


    I have seen (and maybe you have too) skirts made from ties. The thinner end of the tie is up at the waist so that the skirt flares a little at the hem. It takes quite a few ties. The skirt would probably be dry clean only when it’s done, so more impractical than most skirts.


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    Maggie said,

    February 21, 2010 @ 2:42 pm

    Ann –
    I’m actually thinking about making one of those for next year’s Trashion/ReFashion Show. I was surprised there weren’t any at the show but the designers were pretty original. I’m thinking about how I could make a complete outfit out of ties (perhaps a skirt and a vest?) and then maybe an outfit made out of old bulk seed bags and other garden-related trash. I’m going to try and get Jess to help me….

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