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Wish I Were Green As A Thistle

I’m about halfway through “Sleeping Naked is Green” by eco-blogger Vanessa Farquharson (also known as Green as a Thistle) and it’s making me feel an odd combination of smug, wistful, nostalgic, and inspired.  She started her blog with the goal of making one green change a day so a lot of the changes seem kinda fluffy (“use revolving doors”) but on the other hand, she’s continuously getting greener and some of the changes she made were pretty big (“unplug refrigerator.”)  Most of them are things I have done or have considered doing or are irrelevant to my life (like “green” make-up).   She’s also a great writer and has some cool insights onto mundane green topics.  I think I initially found her blog when she posted about a butchering class, complete with really interesting but graphic photographs that apparently scarred her vegetarian readers.  I thought it was fascinating and would love to take a class like that even if it were a little disturbing.  But mostly I enjoy her writing because we have similar concerns about how to live green without being a smug eco-expert with a holier-than-thou attitude or a glum eco-doomsayer who never does anything for fear of destroying the planet.  She’s a bit more fashionable than I am (I have no objections to Birkenstocks or hemp necklaces) but we’re mostly on the same page.

Anyway, I recommend both the book and the blog although I do think the book title is a little lame.  She said it was hard to come up with a title that her publisher would support, which I am sure is not uncommon.  Still, I think most green bloggers are jealous of her book deal, regardless of the publisher-wrestling involved.  I’d like to write a book some day.  My most recent idea is writing a cartoon guide to survival that could be interpreted in any language.  However, I don’t think I have the skill set (e.g. drawing ability) to come anywhere near to accomplishing it so if you know anyone who is interested, please pass the idea along.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch(ette?) we did manage to caulk all our windows during a brief moment of warm dry weather.  There is no longer a breeze coming through the windowsill at the head of our bed but I’m still finding little places where another layer of weatherstripping would be helpful.  We also pulled our tools together to (finally) install our solar light tube in the kitchen, which we hope to accomplish in the next few weeks assuming it stops raining for a couple of days.  And I believe our mouseproofing did in fact work.  We caught and released two mice after the initial project installation but there has been no sign of them for at least a week, even when I left chocolate chip cookies on the counters.  Success!

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