Recycling in the Garden

Carport Frame Used in GardenI don’t think we mentioned but back in January or February we had a major snowstorm that dumped a copious amount of snow on Bloomington. Oh, I think maybe we posted a couple of pictures of puppies cavorting. Anyway, the house came with a carport that was a quite nice aluminum frame covered with a heavy plastic tarp. It did great at keeping out the rain but unfortunately could not handle the weight of a foot of wet snow and collapsed, bending to fit the shape of my parents’ van that was stored under it.

The good news is, the van was okay. However, the carport tarp was badly torn and the frame was bent into a very odd shape so I decided this spring to use the frame in the garden. Taking it apart and putting it back together was a bit of a disaster, which I should have anticipated.  I couldn’t figure out how to connect the right bent pieces with each other so in the end I only managed to salvage about a third of the structure.  I’ve let go of my original vision, which was to wrap the whole thing in deer fencing to protect my precious plants,  but I’m still hopeful I can build some trellises for my tomatoes. (I got a rather late start this year so my tomatoes are still tiny seedlings.  The happy looking plants in the foreground are potatoes, which are quite delighted to live under my reign of benign neglect, and the large plants in the background are rhubarb, which are also quite independent.)

The carport frame does give a bit of a junky look to the garden but I don’t mind.  Between the carport and the strips of salvaged carpeting, it almost has a “garbage chic” kind of aesthetic.  My primary goal is to produce food so really I only get angsty about the fact that my plants aren’t growing fast enough and I don’t think I planted as densely as I should have.  But live and learn, right?

Right. this!

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