My Kingdom for a Dishwasher!

Countertop DishwasherWhen life gets stressful, certain things start to become undone around our house.  The blog is certainly one example but another prime example is dishes.  Somewhere in the dim past I offered to be the official dishwasher if Will would take responsibility for putting dishes away, an act of self-sacrifice that I regret every time I look at our kitchen counter piled with dirty plates and pots.  Needless to say, the fact that we’ve both been working long hours and been pulled in lots of different directions has not helped the situation any.

So we came to the conclusion that we need a dishwasher.  Of the machine sort.  It seems like an anti-green thing to do but apparently there are some dishwashers now that use less water than most handwashers do (and no, I’m not comparing them to someone who washes the dishes by letting the water run constantly).  However, our kitchen was not designed for a dishwasher so we’d have to do some finagling to take out a cabinet and add in an electrical line and probably pull off our countertop and replace it again if we want a traditional built-in dishwasher.

After I did a 30-second assessment and decided the project is well beyond my handywoman skills, I began lobbying for a portable dishwasher.  They do the same thing but have to be wheeled into place and attached to the kitchen faucet every time they’re run.  It doesn’t sound like too much of a challenge to me but Will went off in search of an even better alternative and discovered the countertop dishwasher. It only fits about half as many dishes as a portable dishwasher but it uses very little water, can be attached to the garbage disposal (rather than the faucet), and can even be installed under the sink to save countertop space.

The challenge?  Neither of us have ever seen one in person and no store in Bloomington appears to sell them.  We’re both reluctant to plunk down $200 and wait for the UPS delivery but on the other hand, we’re running out of clean dishes.

Have any of you seen or used a countertop dishwasher?  What do you suggest? this!

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    susie said,

    May 13, 2009 @ 11:22 am

    It looks to me like the somewhat more expensive ones would be a better buy – $240, instead of $209, but holds larger dishes, and seems to be a more established product – if it would work in your space. And of course a small dishwasher would mean you need to run it at least every couple of days – but that might be good as a general rule to keep down the critters..
    So, what gift cards do you have left over that you could use for this?!

  2. 2

    Maggie said,

    May 13, 2009 @ 1:39 pm

    Well, we did some measurements last night and I don’t think a countertop dishwasher will fit on the counter under the cabinets nor in the cabinet under the sink. So it looks like we’ll probably get a larger portable dishwasher and just treat it like an island. We still have a Home Depot gift certificate but new ones are $500 and there are a couple used ones on Craigslist for more like $200.

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