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Saffron stealing a bananaEver notice that when you start to get busy somehow more projects materialize to make you even busier?  It’s frustrating, especially when you excuse yourself from something like blogging and then every time you try to get back in a new excuse materializes…  Well, I’ll spare you the details and instead provide you with an entertaining photo of our dog, Saffron, with a new toy.  I let her sniff my banana thinking she would lose interest when she realized it was not meat but I was wrong.  She delicately accepted it and carried it around the house for awhile, nibbling daintily on the stem, until I traded her for a dog treat.  I tell ya, dogs are nothing if not entertaining.

Due to the aforementioned business, our maple syrup operation turned out to be a bust.  We collected about 10 gallons of sap and boiled it down to about a quart before I left on spring break.  I left the quart of concentrated sap in the fridge but as we’ve probably all learned, the refrigerator will only keep things fresh for so long.  I took off the lid this week and was treated to a whiff of alcoholic vinegar.  Yummy!  There might be a niche market somewhere but I’m afraid for us it counts as a failure.

I’m making some slow progress on the garden.  Peas are in the ground and an assortment of warm weather veggie seeds are starting indoors.  Our friend Stephanie also provided a dozen strawberry plants which I’m excited about planting once the weather warms up.  It was almost 70 degrees on Saturday but plummeted to 30 degrees this morning.  Crazy spring weather [grumble grumble].  I’m ready for the heat to stay!

March was a busy month and April is looking similarly active.  I suspect I’ve done a few blogworthy things

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    We’re Eco-Experts | GreenCouple.com said,

    March 24, 2010 @ 4:46 pm

    […] with a little more experience under their belts since we really only tried it the one time with limited success.  I really do think urban maple syrup is a great idea for folks to pursue; it just hasn’t […]

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