Three wise mice

Our second mouse leaving the trapMaggie is on a women’s camping retreat this weekend, so instead of a podcast, I’ll give you an update on our mouse problem. After getting lots of good advice about getting rid of mice, Maggie and I went to the hardware store and got a live mouse trap and an ultrasonic device.

We haven’t used the ultrasonic device yet. As Gini mentioned in the comments, mice can get used to the sound and stay in the area. It also doesn’t penetrate cabinets. Although they’re mostly getting into things left on the counter, they’re coming up through one cabinet and have access to another. When we’re out of the house for more than a day or two, we’ll plug in the device to keep any remaining mice from making a mess on the counters when we can’t deal with it immediately.

That’s right, I said “remaining.” Hopefully, we won’t have twelve days of mice, but we caught our second today on our fourth day of using a trap. We use the Tomcat brand live catch mouse trap. It catches multiple mice, but doesn’t kill them like the Tomcat that Emily recommended. It’s a brilliant design that doesn’t even need bait. You put the entrance along the wall and when they walk into it, the entrance acts a bit like a see-saw and closes up behind them, trapping them in a large holding pen.

We’ve been releasing them near the park at the end of the street. There’s enough space there that we hope they won’t come back. We’re also trying to figure out exactly how they’re getting from the crawl space into the house so that we can plug up that entrance. Just getting rid of two mice has made a measurable difference, though. There’s a lot less food pilferage and a lot less scat.

On a more holiday appropriate topic, Maggie and I recently received an email from the owner of World Christmas Tree. Their idea is to get people to post pictures of their decorated Christmas trees so that they can donate money to save old growth forests. Maggie’s parents decorate a living tree they have in their front yard, but this might be a good second-best solution.

We also received an email hawking organic bug spray. They’d like us to give some to a random commenter, but we’re not sure if that’s reasonable even though we’re not getting anything from it. What do you guys think? this!

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    Angel said,

    December 19, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

    I’m glad you were able to come up with a humane solution. Having had Mary, I don’t know whether I could bring myself to kill any mice, even if they were invading my living space. It’s the same issue I had when I was sweater hunting and came face-to-face with so many sweaters made with rabbit hair. I kept imagining Loki’s face staring at me and I went straight for something made with good old cotton.

    Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but I can’t help it.

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