The Perfect Garden

It’s raining today and I’m thinking about gardens.  Often when I think about gardens I think about vegetables and all the good things I could grow to eat.  Today I’m thinking about a different kind of garden, a garden that draws people outside and invites them to enjoy the out-of-doors.  I’ve been reading a lot of landscape and garden design books lately in preparation for designing a new look for our yard, for helping design a courtyard garden at a local school, and for starting a business creating beautiful vegetable gardens for paying customers.

There’s a lot to learn!  I believe my biggest challenge will be improving my drawing skills to a point where I can communicate my ideas on paper.  Both my grandmothers were fantastic painters so I keep waiting for those artistic genes to kick in but right now I’m still at the stick figure level.  I especially want to learn how to draw good maps and plans.  I love sketches of neighborhoods or houses or landscapes – even more so when they show how to change a somewhat drab building or yard into a fantasy wonderland.

I’m also anxious to get started so part of me is ready to jump in and start making changes without worrying too much about the plan.  I have dreams of creating a large mosaic welcoming path but I know it will take a lot of work so in the meantime I’m looking around at elements that would be easy to install.  Will keeps suggesting we purchase a concrete hippo for the front yard but I think we should start with a garden gate, or perhaps a bridge.  Something to add a little mystique, a little invitation to walk through.

Where do you find inspiration for your perfect garden? this!

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