Showering with Eco-Gifts

Sparkly ToesMy toenails are purple and sparkly.  This is somewhat unusual for me since I’m not much of a girly girl and I’m pretty dangerous with fingernail polish but this weekend my aunt Mary threw me a spa-themed wedding shower so I thought I’d go for a little glitz.  She did a great job emphasizing eco-friendly naturally beauty tips so we started our relaxation with an oatmeal face mask (complete with free range organic eggs) and homegrown organic cucumber slices on our eyes.  Then all my aunts brought out their home foot bath kits and assorted back massagers and we rotated through them all.

The fingernail polish wasn’t super organic but I must confess, it’s fun to play around with the stuff every now and then and I managed not to make a mess.  (Yay me!)  We drank mimosas and munched on an assortment of tasty snack foods.  Mary only had one shower game planned, which was just right.  We each got five clothespins and then the game was to try to get as many clothespins as possible by demanding them from anyone who crossed their legs.  My friend Maggie came in late and she said even before the game was explained, she noted that people were standing in rather wide-legged stances.

Lisa won the game handily and then everyone gathered around to watch me open gifts.  I must confess, I was a little overwhelmed at being the center of attention.  I don’t think I’ve opened gifts with an attentive audience gathered round since my 12th birthday.  But everyone had a good time and all the gifts were super sweet.  Maggie commented later that she thought it was great how everyone honored my lifestyle choices and plyed me with organic bamboo towels and fancy gardening tools.  I was especially touched by the gift of cloth napkins that were my grandmother’s before she passed away.  She was a practical woman and would probably tease me a little for being sentimental about a few pieces of cloth but she’d also be happy to know I’ll be putting them to good use.

And yes, there was one gift that made me blush.  Will didn’t blush when I showed him but that was in the privacy of our own home without a crowd of aunties and good friends watching closely so it’s not quite the same.  But hey, ya gotta have at least one. this!

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