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LaptopI’ve been away from my normal list of blogs for several weeks now.  First, I was away on vacation and just took my work computer (in what turned out to be a highly optimistic move).  Then, more recently, my personal laptop started giving me blink codes.  For those of you who aren’t computer nerds, a blink code is what happens when your computer is broken so badly that it can’t use the screen and has to communicate by blinking the power light.

I took the laptop apart and cleaned it out some and that seemed to help, but in the process of updating my backups I managed to clear out my list of blogs.

Over the last several days, I’ve been adding blogs back as I think about them. That worked for Student Doctor Green, Arduous, Get Rich Slowly, and Amalah, which is a pretty diverse group. Now, though, I’ve hit a wall. I remember Unclutterer, Treehugger, and Planet Green, but not fondly enough to put them back on my list.

Here’s where you can help me procrastinate. What must-read blogs do you recommend? They can cover any topic. As you can see from the ones I’ve remembered, I have pretty eclectic tastes. this!

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    Student Doctor Green said,

    June 21, 2008 @ 10:13 pm

    Glad to hear you successfully resurrected the laptop. I had no idea about blink codes. Good to know! I’m flattered to have my blog listed, thx 🙂

    My must read blogs are pretty similar. I read Arduous, GreenCouple, Treehugger, & Danny Seo’s design blog: Daily Danny.

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    Andy said,

    June 22, 2008 @ 10:02 pm

    No Impact Man is one I always read. Treehugger I skim through to find interesting topics. Living on Earth is amazing also but that is a weekly radio show.

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