A Laundry List

Drying rack and hanging shirtsIt’s been a little over a month since we started air-drying our clothes and it’s going pretty well although it hasn’t worked quite like I expected. Student Doctor Green has covered the biggest issue, but I’ve learned a lot of other little things too.

  1. Shirts take up a lot of space on a drying rack, so it’s much better to put them on hangers and hang them from something
  2. Our free-standing porch swing makes a perfect something
  3. Men’s underwear is a LOT bigger than women’s underwear
  4. Things dry faster out in the sun than inside (although the humidity might change that soon)
  5. I have a lot of socks
  6. Luckily, you can fit a lot of socks on one line
  7. With a portable drying rack, I can grab it and rush inside as soon as rain threatens (which has been an issue given our recent flooding)
  8. I wash smaller loads when I have to put them all on a rack, but the environmental detergent works better with the smaller loads anyway so I think I’m still coming out ahead
  9. It takes more effort to use a drying rack than the dryer, but I make some of that back because my clothes are easier to fold and put away when they’re already hanging
  10. A nice breeze dries things faster; a big wind blows everything over (not that I would be silly enough to put out laundry on a windy day…)

So basically, a drying rack is cheap, doesn’t have too many drawbacks, and is simple enough that I haven’t been able to seriously mess things up yet!

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