Biking in the Rain

Maggie on her (wet) bikeOf course I had to choose the week of heavy storms and muggy weather to get serious about biking. It’s hard to tell from this photo but this is me after riding two miles home in the soggy aftermath of a crazy 2″ rainstorm. I’m not sure whether I got more wet from biking through puddles or from being smacked by soggy branches along the sidewalk. On the plus side, it was quite refreshing on a hot afternoon.

Earlier today I was unhappy biking because it was really hot and I was feeling a little sore. (I am definitely building up my leg muscles but it just isn’t happening FAST enough.) I biked over to Maggie and Nathan’s house feeling rather sorry for myself and then there was an enormous storm. It had already rained quite a bit over the last couple of days with an impressive display of thunder and lightning but this was a torrential downpour.

Nathan and I stepped out of the house after the worst had passed and discovered a river flowing across their front yard. It was only a few inches deep but it was five feet wide and had a powerful current. We waded through it and I suddenly flashed back to many happy childhood memories of playing in puddles. I really love creeks and rivers and lakes but storm water is accessible to everyone and it is loads of fun, especially on a hot day.

We waded around the yard and watched the kids next door hitting golf balls into the stream, trying to get them to float away. Of course, being grown ups, we spent a little time lamenting how the water had carried about fifty pounds of gravel off the driveway into the front yard, but we still were excited and invigorated by the storm. When most of the rain had passed, I hopped on my bike and headed home. However, I only went about three blocks before I discovered that the roundabout along my route was flooded under two feet of water and there were almost thirty people just standing and gawking at the sight. It was incredible and I loved just being there with a bunch of people who stopped their daily routines to be amazed for a moment.

Maybe that’s my favorite thing about storms and really  weather in general. It is constantly unpredictable and although it can cause terrible disasters it can also be simply a reminder of how beautiful and amazing nature is and how important it is for us to just take a moment to appreciate, and to let ourselves be impressed. this!

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    Angel said,

    June 5, 2008 @ 6:59 am

    I wish we could get a little of that refreshing rain down here. Today we’re expecting 99 degree temperatures with high humidity. Time to carry extra water in my canteen.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new commitment. I like your bike bags. They look spacious.

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