The Wedding

Maggie and I are back in Bloomington after another long drive. Rob and Angel’s wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was in my parents’ front yard, so we spent Friday making sure everything was perfect. That mostly consisted of shoveling rocks back into the pond (they’d been removed so that my dad could fix the pump), so I’ve been sore since then.

Saturday morning, there were lots of clouds but nothing more than a sprinkling of rain. The clouds were a bonus because they not only kept everything cool, they gave the wedding an even lighting that made the pictures turn out incredibly well. It was great to see all of the close family friends at the ceremony, especially when they stood and spoke about the couple.

Rob and Angel were married under the auspices of the Raleigh Friends Meeting (Quaker), so the ceremony consisted of about half an hour of silence punctuated by people standing and speaking when moved. After that, Angel’s sister read the marriage certificate and they exchanged vows. After ten more minutes of silent worship, everyone got up and talked, signed the certificate, and got something to eat. It was incredibly moving and very fun.

The reception was held at one of the lakes that forms Raleigh’s reservoir system. Although it looked pretty normal when we were there, although perhaps a little low, it was basically dry a year ago and was still several feet below normal even a couple months ago. There’s a lot of discussion now in Raleigh about what to do about the water supply. Based on the editorials and letters to the editor I read, the most popular views seem to be to increase the cost of water in a tiered system, to encourage individuals to continue to conserve water, or to hook Raleigh’s water supply to those of nearby cities.

My parents are doing their part. They have two new connected rain barrels that they use to refill the pond when it evaporates and to water the plants in the front yard. There’s also no grass (it’s all pine straw and plants), which means less need for watering, as does their proximity to the pond. The birds certainly appreciate the pond too! My dad had to shut it down for a couple of days to clean the pump, but as soon as he turned it back on, the robins jumped back in to bathe. The next step is to get some frogs to live in there and keep the water a little cleaner.

Overall, it was a great trip. I’m impressed with how well my parents were able to create a beautiful natural space in the middle of Raleigh and I’m jealous that my brother got to use it for his wedding! 🙂

Once I unpack my camera, I’ll post some wedding pictures here so that you all can see what I mean. this!

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