Drying Laundry the Green Way

Wooden Drying RackWe had some more beautiful weather this past weekend and I felt inspired to hang my laundry outside to dry. (I also learned that April 19th was National “Hanging Out” Day and wanted to jump on the bandwagon.)

I did one load of laundry and hung it out on our back deck with a few things on the railing and a few things hanging from clothes hangers off our little porch swing. It was a little less than ideal, due partly to aesthetics and partly to one practical detail. Our deck looks out onto a greenspace shared by about eight rental units, six of which are breeders and constantly producing litters of adorable puppies. I love puppies but puppies and clean laundry are usually not a good combination.

Anyway, at first I was ready to get either a crazy antenna clothes drying rack or one of those fancy retractable clotheslines. But Will and I did a little research at the local hardware store and decided to stick with a simple wooden drying rack, which was an excellent choice since it began raining as soon as we got it home. Now we can dry clothes inside or out and I can still hang things off the porch swing when the weather is nice. We’re still looking at houses so perhaps in our more permanent home we’ll get the fanciest clothesline ever but for now at least I have some motivation to avoid our electric dryer.

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    Emily said,

    April 22, 2008 @ 4:56 pm

    We hung a regular closet pole in our laundry room. We hang the wet shirts and pants on plastic hangers and space them evenly on the pole. Works year ’round!

  2. 2

    Maggie said,

    April 24, 2008 @ 1:49 am

    A closet pole in the laundry room is very smart. We don’t have one but our neighbors in the other half of the duplex do. I was a little hesitant to put one in myself since it seems like it might be more construction than our landlord would appreciate. 🙂

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    A Laundry List | GreenCouple.com said,

    June 5, 2008 @ 9:52 pm

    […] been a little over a month since we started air-drying our clothes and it’s going pretty well although it hasn’t worked quite like I expected. Student […]

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    Chelsea said,

    June 16, 2008 @ 3:02 am

    I’m a student at Pomona College in Claremont, California and recently spent a good amount of time looking into clothesline and drying rack options since Pomona is going to purchase some for student use and I wanted to make sure we purchased the best available option.

    In my research, I was amazed to find that there was no good website explaining all the different clotheslines and drying rack products. Reading through blog entries and articles, I also found that many people were frustrated by the difficulty in finding high-quality, European and Austrailian-style drying racks. Having spent so much time researching drying racks and lines, and having come across some great products, I figured I should share my newfound knowledge. I’ve done so by creating a page on the Tip the Planet sustainable living wiki. Since its a wiki page, anyone can edit it, so it will hopefully stay up to date. You can check it out here: http://www.tiptheplanet.com/index.php?title=Air_dry_washing

    I’m trying to spread the word so that the site becomes a clearing house for drying rack information, and people have to spend less time scouring the web for the best products. Have a look, share it with your friends, and by all means add your wisdom!

    Take care,

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