Picking bananas in the living room

I don’t much like fooling people on April Fool’s Day, but I do like the levity it inspires. Here’s a great compromise, passed on by my mother.

It’s an interview from the Colbert Report with Michael Reynolds, the inventor of the “Earthship” concept. Earthships are homes built into the land out of “garbage” materials like tires and bottles. Maggie and I visited an Earthship when we visited my grandparents in New Mexico and they did indeed have a banana tree in the living room.

We also visited a more local Earthship and it was amazing how different it looked even though it was built from similar materials. The challenges you face in New Mexico (altitude, dry heat, snow) are pretty different from those you see in the Midwest (rain, snow, and more rain), so the house had changed even though the principles were the same.

It’s a cool concept and Mike Reynolds is an interesting guy, so it’s worth watching. Enjoy!

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