Girl Scout Packaging Update

RecyclingIn other news, I got an e-mail back from the Girl Scout cookie company about my packaging complaint. Here’s what they say:

Dear Megan:

Thank you for contacting us to learn what our company is doing to help protect our earth. We share your interest in our environment and give environmental concerns a very high priority.

Today, almost all of our cartons are made of 100% recycled fiber. Most of the recycled material is made up of a mixture of newspaper, office paper, cardboard and printed waste paper from publishers and printing companies. Our cartons are usually accepted by recycling facilities which accept magazine or mixed paper. The plastic trays are all polystyrene 6 (PS 6) and can also be recycled. The recycle symbol is printed on all trays with the exception of Tagalongs due to a lack of space. The Tagalong tray does have the PS6 printed on the bottom.

We have also developed a waste management/recycling program at our company. Through this program we have recycled millions of pounds of paper, wooden pallets, and scrap metal as well as thousands of gallons of used motor oil. In addition, we ‘recycle’ waste food (food that does not meet our high quality standards) by sending it to food processors and farmers for use as animal feed.

We appreciate your support of the Girl Scouts in your community!


Joanna K. Grennes
Sr. Manager Consumer Communications
Consumer Affairs Department

Pretty cool! A little on the generic side but a lot better than when I called Planters to find out if the inner lid on their cans of cashews are recyclable and they said “most of our packaging is recyclable in most communities.” Now I know for sure that the Tagalong packaging is recyclable in Bloomington so I feel a little better about eating them. Yay Girl Scout cookies!

I also feel better knowing that my voice was heard. I will keep this letter in mind as motivation to spend a little time writing letters to businesses, politicians, and the editorial staff of my local newspaper. And maybe some day I will get a response from Steak N Shake about my suggestion that they offer a veggie burger so I can eat something there besides cheese fries and milk shakes, as tasty as they are. this!

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  1. 1

    cinco said,

    March 29, 2008 @ 1:59 am

    Hey, are you a vegetarian now? I was thinking of quitting red meat. And probably pork.

  2. 2

    Maggie said,

    April 1, 2008 @ 12:22 am

    I am not a vegetarian. I only eat organic meat and try to only eat meat from growers I know and trust. I eat very little pork, though. I feel that pigs are very sweet intelligent creatures (although they are also huge and scary) and I’ve also heard that pork is good for people who have a tendency to be too spiritual and ungrounded but that for most people it tends to give us pig-like tendencies. I do like beef, though, and I have a few sources of high quality grass-fed beef that I trust a lot.
    I think it’s possible to be a healthy vegetarian but I think it’s really hard and that I personally am better off having at least a little high quality meat in my diet.

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