Camera and obscura

Last night was amazing. I’ve been an amateur photographer for a long time. I’d love to have a digital SLR and some fancy lenses, but I’m also an amateur tightwad, so I make do with a basic digital camera. It works really well for casual things, but I don’t have direct control over aperture and exposure. Instead, the camera has a series of “modes” that determine white balance, exposure, and aperture. Even since I got a tripod, I haven’t been able to get any good shots of the moon. It’s just too bright.

Eclipsed moonLast night was the perfect chance to get some good shots of the moon. There won’t be another opportunity until 2010 (or until I save up for that SLR…), so I was really hoping that the night would be clear. It turned out beautiful. The night before had been overcast and tonight is cloudy too. Last night was as clear as if it had been planned that way.

I spent an hour alternately taking pictures and rushing back inside to get warm (it was clear, but very cold). The most amazing thing was how bright the stars seemed. Normally, there’s enough light pollution around (mostly from the nearby car dealerships) that we can’t see much. Without clouds and the moon, it was possible to see so much more.

I hope everyone else got to enjoy the eclipse as much as I did! this!

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