It’s your idea (unless it works)

The green couple - Maggie and WillThis was not my idea. In fact, I’m not sure how the idea started. It might have begun when we were looking around for extra income beyond selling plasma or recycling the neighbor’s copper wiring. It might have been spurred by Will’s fascination of all thing Web 2.0 and his frustration with my utter lack of comprehension. (I can never remember if Web 2.0 is the old stuff or the new stuff.)

I think it may have been a combination of two events – Will reading an article about the fabulous blogging life and me lamenting that I didn’t feel experienced enough to live my dream of being a sustainable lifestyle consultant .

“You know, you could start by writing a blog about living sustainably. Ooh, or we could write one together! We could talk about our quest to live sustainably as a young, poor, soon-to-be-married couple,” he said.

“Who on Earth would read it?” I replied.

“Well, that depends on how good your writing is. I’m sure lots of people would read *my* articles.”

Gritting my teeth, I sat down at the keyboard and promptly cranked out a couple dozen articles – my experience composting with a worm bin, my futile attempts introduce low-impact beans & rice dishes into our dinner rotation, my confusion about whether it is better to live car-free in the city or homestead in the country, my endless quest to keep up with my reputation for environmentalism… He wrote three articles and declared the project a success.

So here we are. We have about nine months until we’re officially married but we already live together. We’re slowly transitioning to a greener, simpler lifestyle in tune with our values, our budget, and our creative abilities. A compact fluorescent light bulb here, a back porch tomato plant there. Did I mention that my engagement ring is a bicycle? (And yes, I love it.) We’re learning lots about each other as we go. Luckily, our strengths seem to complement each other. I have more of a background in green living and am more likely to embrace “radical” hippie techniques; he is willing to do the research and help us make the best choice when the options are unclear.

This blog is a record of our journey together as we join paths towards enlightenment or at least happiness, fulfillment, and pride in a life well lived. I expect the topics will range widely with everything from eating organically on a tight budget to increasing the energy efficiency of our rental apartment to finding useful and meaningful work. We want to share our experiences and let you know exactly what worked and what didn’t. The “no flush” water conservation method? So far so good. Cloth toilet paper? Well, we haven’t tried it yet but I’m willing to make the effort in the name of science.

Perhaps this blog will also lead to fame and fortune but that’s not really my goal right now. It wasn’t my idea but I’ve become very fond of the idea of sharing my knowledge and dreams and radical bathroom experiments with the world. Besides, there’s probably no one out there reading. Is there? this!

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    State of the (blog) union | said,

    May 16, 2008 @ 6:12 pm

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